The Art of Re-cycling

Recycling is an innovative approach in which potentially throwaway waste are processed to convert them to another new & useful object.There are various environmental advantages of re-cycling. The current genre of creative people have learn the art of recycling to contribute towards environment.While re-cycling has been very popular in various advanced countries, in India also the same trend is picking up.

The below is list of materials which can be recycled & can be  used for crafts making.

  • Plastics
  • Glass
  • Ceramics
  • Paper
  • Clothes

We have been in contact with various artists & designers who are mainly focusing on recycling. In forthcoming Binocolor blogs, we will cover few of the artists who has impressed us with their art of recycling.

In the first series we will feature recycling work of Hastaj Arts & Crafts. The artists of Hastaj have re-used plastics & papers very creatively. As per the artists it is little difficult to convert a waste material to a very innovative new product. As per Hastaj you need to take care of various aspects before you start your re-cycling work.Few of the points are noted below:

  • Make sure any items you recycle into crafts are clean and dry.
  • Make sure there are no sharp edges.
  • Make sure it is not harmful to any person especially small kids.
  • Give them colorful motifs to enhance the looks.
  • And over all you have to use a lot of common sense.

Please visit few of Hastaj products which they have designed & developed from re-cycling waste.

Recycled plastic ear drop

Re-cycled plastic jewelry

Recycled paper jewelry pendant

Re-cycled Paper Jewelry

There are various benefits of creating crafts from re-cycling.

  • Environmental friendly.
  • Save money from raw material purchase.
  • Improves creativity.

So to inspire more and more artist to reuse & recycle we will feature many such artists  doing various innovative & creative crafts.

Till then reduce-recycle-reuse.

– Team Binocolor


2 thoughts on “The Art of Re-cycling

  1. couldn’t agree more! however, we also can recycle water, and need to start doing so as soon as possible!!
    Great post,

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